@scottalanmiller said in AVImark support has stated that running virtual servers can result in a 40-50% data loss or complete destruction of your server.:

and we just left that as it was (having learned about it), that's establishing that that is official.

Bolded bit is the thing you are glossing over.

This entire thing is a rant by @CCWTech

No where in here is there proof that anyone, above the support tech at the vendor, has been made aware of anything.

At this point there is nothing but an unsubstantiated claim by @CCWTech the vendor knows what the support tech said. Yes, absolutely, if it is known and not corrected, this would be shit, but no one, in this thread, knows this.

Is this a shit ass vendor with a bad product? Maybe, hell probably even. But I won't take the word of anyone the just comes on here and rants without any proof.