@dustinb3403 said in Do you setup SSL for Intranet websites only:

Near-zero value in someone attacking is what I meant. Not a zero-value in what is provided by the systems. Also there is nothing confidential or needing "security" from a business perspective, which is why I ask is SSL worth it for these types of Intranet sites?

You need SSL for everything period. Even if it's a self-signed cert it's fine... just allow the exception in the web browser and be done, or use an internal certificate if your browsers are set to trust the root... or a domain wildcard cert would work just fine. It's easy to do.

You could set out a reverse proxy for use with Let's Encrypt, and use the reverse proxy for all of your internal-only web servers. On the reverse proxy, you can limit each site config to only pass internal IPs only. That's what I did for a few. For example, if you add this in:

allow; allow; allow; deny all;

It will not proxy anything unless it comes from an internal IP.