@wrx7m said in Fedora - Automating Config File Modifications:

Without using a CM tool, what is the easiest way to automate modifications to several config files across 7-8 servers? I was looking at sed, but am not sure if there is a better tool that isn't a CM.

More specifically, I have several Fedora servers running squid proxy. From time to time, I need to modify the config file to whitelist a particular domain. Because I will soon have a few more servers, I would like to automate these type of file updates so I don't have to manually go into each server's config and copy and paste stuff in to certain sections; some information is specific to a particular server, where as this section would be universally necessary on all servers. So, I would be inserting lines in specific sections.

I intend to move to some sort of CM for this stuff in the future, but I need to get these going sooner than I could learn the CM tool.

Sync with a s3 bucket hourly. Then you only need to update on s3